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  1. What’s a dish that your family taught you? Comment below 🙂

  2. Nooo she touch up the time and all that and then she say she going going to WASH her hand nasty bloodclat

  3. I prefer strave or drink water tell me see a proper meal

  4. Haha your aunt ain't show you shit stop lying to the white people dem what a disgrace way to much coconut for that little rice which shows you don't know what your doing, this a shit American version? American Jamaican you lost your culture mate, London people don't play with our food or culture bun this

  5. Heck no na gurl me Trini and I can tell ya dis not right..need Browning and chicken legs and thighs…rice is too wet and soft and plantains are not ripe…and you used too much oil…

  6. So where is the browning??🤔🤭😳!!!

  7. This girl didn’t wash the rice…..that’s why it’s too gunky

  8. I'm not big on leaving comments that aren't pos… however Jamaican food isn't your thing… Dear, your are a beautiful person with a great personality maybe you should conduct interviews with people who know how to prepare Jamaican food. I am a first gen as well, who was well taught by my grandmother and when you taste my hand you woud never know that I was raised abroad. Rewind and start again because "dat nuh mek it".

  9. I'm not Jamaican but Eve I know this is NOT Jamaican food. Where's the color on the chicken? That was nothing more than glorified boiled chicken. I always find great "authentic" Jamaican recipes on YouTube. I'm sorry if you're not speaking in a Jamaican/Caribbean accent or the food looks suspect within the first 5 minutes I'm out. 😂😂😂

  10. People this is not how you cook Jamaican brown stew!!, Your going to end up with diarrhea if you do it like this.

  11. Honey, I'm Trinidadian and this dish is all wrong yall don't know how tf to brown chicken omg. Btw I'm a teenager and can cook almost any Caribbean food. Too much coconut milk, first of all, white chicken is not a Caribbean favorite and we use the entire scallion we don't waste. The only thing you got correct in this video was that we don't use measurement when cooking we eye ball everything.

  12. was this your aunts secret recipe? it should of stayed secret. looooool no where in Jamaica do they eat white meat…

  13. Masy god aunt Sonia can't tell you dat no sah

  14. That is why you should listen when whoever is cooking and can actually cook says "watch weh mi a do" you fi listen. all 12 year old can cook better dan dis . No mek no bady tink seh a so Jamaican food fi look no sah.

  15. That is not rice and peas ,that is porridge

  16. Super Jamaican house hold and u cook like that it's all wrong

  17. Girl stop cook that an tell ppl a Jamaican food a lie dat.

  18. Who's to ever teach you to cook police is looking for them

  19. No honey this ain't Brown stew chicken ..watch one of those jamaican videos on YouTube about Browns stew chicken and learn and another thing that rice and peas too soft with all em' white specks which I know is the coconut milk but it should be incorporated in everything thus you wouldn't be seeing any residue of coconut milk..

  20. The food looks absolutely delicious! She's absolutely adorable!

  21. Not Jamaican cooking at all!.. This is not meant to make you feel bad really.. but this is all wrong.

  22. You know what kills me, that at in the end she had the nerve to say the recipe is in the link below.😑
    I am from Brooklyn New York where every Caribbean nation is represented and I can tell you right now that, that is NOT Jamaican stew chicken.
    And I’m not even going to talk about the race🤢

  23. Disassociate yourself from JAMAICA, this is a disgrace and not our cuisine.

  24. These comments from the community is real.

  25. A me alone see that rice and peas done a ready lol 😂 😂😂😂😂

  26. Stop give Jamaican bad name gal 😠😬

  27. Authentic JAFAKEAN food. She has an idea, but I am ashamed of her auntie and grandma. I think her parents are really Jamaican so she is identifying with our culture but she did not learn how to cook, this is horrible! Don't bash though because she is trying.

  28. What a wicked gyal bout Jamaican👀

  29. @Refinery29: We need a redo and an authentic cook to accompany this lovely young lady? Where is her Aunt? After all it is called BROWN stew chicken!

  30. The rice and peas looks so wet

  31. I just showed my mom this and she was like "dat deh rice an peas nuh cook at all" 😂😂😂

  32. Girl if u want know how to cook watch chef Ricardo cooking videos cause u nuh have a sense in cooking

  33. Omg u just come on YouTube to make Jamaicans look bad Jesus oh gosh man

  34. Lady the rice never finish yet

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