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  1. I wasn't paying attention to the cooking part… All attention went to the chef… haha..

  2. Nice video.Thankyou for the food Recipe. Have a nice day. god bless

  3. The little puppy in the corner though 😍❤

  4. I subscribed so please make more videos of Thai recipes! You don't have many.. 🙁 Great recipe…thanks for posting! God bless! 🙂

  5. Very good. Next time try showing us the inside of the pot and see how it looks while cooking'

  6. All I could think was, "OMG he is so handsome!" lol.

  7. basic rule of cooking, you never cook an onion.

  8. my friends mama packet came with oil

  9. quick question. can I eat mama shrimp flavor noodles if I'm allergic to shrimp? are the noodles shrimp flavored itself or is it the little packets that add the shrimp flavored. sorry if this is confusing I just really want to try it and that's the only flavor my Thai neighbor gave me (:

  10. Love mama noodles and they're only 40 cents

  11. hi from thailand Mama so yummii

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