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  1. I love my meat well done

  2. the rub works with beer can chicken ?

  3. Another great video. Dang

  4. any time is the right time for GRILLING.recipe looks AWESOME.thank you for sharing.

  5. This guys cooking always makes me want to puke. Disgusting.

  6. Audio, get your audio up properly before posting videos. Please.

  7. well I was enjoying your video 'til you said you don't like drinking alcohol.
    and you consider yourself a grill master. or a master baster. boooo

  8. mr jack ill be in touch with you, ill try this recipe next weekend. daaamn it looks terrific

  9. Awesome, I am going to try this.

  10. Awesome man, I'll try this soon!

  11. Wow i watch a lot of your videos and it rwally helps thanks!????

  12. Wow that's alot of chicken

  13. Man, Jack your boy got so big! Where does the time go! I remember him when he was little when I first started watching. Great video, I am going to make that for dinner tonight, in laws are coming over… I knew I was doing chicken on the grill and smoking it but you just gave me a killer idea for the sauce! Thanks Jack, God bless you and your family!

  14. Lol…I really enjoyed this video. Funny guy.

  15. Where did you buy your ingredients ?

  16. This was my first time watching your video. There won't be a 2nd time.

  17. You measure the same way I do!!! But fkk it. Taste great either way! Can't wait to try this!

  18. your family doesn't know how lucky they are jack!

  19. I am going to make this today!!

  20. You're totally Rocking it bro ! Can not wait to try that recipe !!! Also Love the Tiger shirt jack jr. was sporting, is he a Detroit Tiger's fan ? : )

  21. lol do u like it youngster can i have another says it all amazing

  22. i have a weber genesis from 2001.  its a workhorse & a perfect size for a family.  never a bit of rust, never needed to replace the burners.  drip bars were swapped for stainless in 09, and grill grates swapped for cast iron. 
    love your lazy man videos!  :)

  23. Jack, have you seen the infomercial for the Miracle Grill Mat? I literally just saw it two seconds ago and I thought, "this is just BEGGING for a Cooking With Jack review!" I think you're the only one that will review it honestly. He fries eggs on the barbecue, toast, fish….he even grills veggies but it's hilarious because to demonstrate how "impossible" it is to do on the BBQ he just dumps a bowlful of tiny diced veg on the grill, which, of course, just sifted thru the grate. Too funny!!

  24. I never understood why people you gas grills instead of charcoal. Gas takes all the the flavor away, it's the same as cooking on your stove. Charcoal is so much better, you get the actual grill flavor.

  25. Dang homie.. I found one of your old videos, then found this one.. You be done came up yo! Nice kitchen 

  26. 4 tablespoons of brown sugar????? That was like 4 cups lmao

  27. Holy yum yums! They looked amazing.

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