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  1. He's so good, that he did it in under ten minutes!

  2. Was actually having pork while watching this, so good. Never tried using a pump level for cooking oil that's a good idea.

  3. change the title to just: "ten-minute techniques" =D

  4. that pork had some pretty nice values

  5. Jesus christ, mark. Not only are you a master at drawing, you are also the master in the arts of cooking. Now because of your well informed how to cook video, i know how to cook! Who would have thought?

    I must thank you again for your wisdom that will help us fellow artist of any kind not starve.

  6. you're the second person on youtube who i see do this for april's fool

  7. great one haha i was confused like hell what that is about

  8. haha i dont think you know how april fools works, but youre a silly dude.

  9. Aw, the description ruined it.

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