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  1. 7 minutes is enough to boil the spaghetti, then finish in the sauce if you prefer al dente, as i do

  2. I get a little nervous when i see a site for a recipe and they spell spaghetti incorrectly, there is no u in the word. It is not spelled spaguetti, it is spaghetti, not meant to be personal, but when i see that, i wonder what else might have went wrong in the recipe,lol

  3. I liked it. I am Italian. many of the comments are childish.

  4. Somebody toucha ma spaghet !!

  5. That is double cream not light cream.

  6. Does anyone else find that 10 minutes is always too long for pasta? I've noticed so many boxed pastas that say it, but it's always too soft! 7-8 minutes usually works and is al dente.

  7. Well,I’m Italian and I know everyone has their own way to cook but, I hope you don’t ate that, cause this is spaghetti terrorism

  8. why is there whimsical/creepy weird satirical music in the background? like is this a joke?

  9. Una nonna italiana in tanto muore…..

  10. I made it and it tasted very good.

  11. I'll try it, quick and easy, and looks like a meal the grand kids will love when they visit, which is a big plus

  12. Very nice recipe. Will cook this weekend!:)

  13. This was delicious! I made it, and it was extremely easy, (I'm only 12 👍🏼), extremely delicious, and makes a substantially large amount. 5 stars 😀 the only thing I have to say is that if you don't have light cream, just mix some milk and flour in a bowl on the side and pour it in to the sauce, also don't look at it once you've combined the pasta and sauce and add more milk to thin it out, it thickens up very well at the end, all in all though, very great dish!

  14. Going by the comments is this worth making??? Gave you a thumbs up anyway.

  15. Better go to THE RED HEN to learn how to cook.

  16. Great video. I Heard you worked as a chef at THE RED HEN. Good for you.

  17. I am so gonna do this one it sounds delicious and easy thank you so much

  18. Assassino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I made it added some chicken and it was really good

  20. Recipe looks delicious nice and simple.

  21. look delicious.but i think need.to see doctor soon if eat too much

  22. For the first time I regret adding so much cheese 🧀 omg… That was way tooo much….

  23. Could I use milk instead of cream

  24. Try 1 can of tuna in sunflower oil with 1 or 2 spring onion cut into small bits and just add spaghetti. I drain the oil and add half of it onto the spaghetti when it's cooked so it is not dry. Anyone got any suggestion to add to it?

  25. When you have very thing but one or two ingredients 😂😂😂

  26. I had faith in this Dish/Video, until he burned the Garlic :o/

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