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  1. Nah ah, my beef has to cook a lot more until the cow is fully dead.

  2. That tied up teddy bear at the end was kinda disturbing LOL 🙂 but OMG this must have been the best looking roast beef I've ever seen. Well done Pai !

  3. My mouth was watering when I saw you pour that spoon of sauce on the beef.

  4. Not only are you very professional at your trade, crystal clear in the instructions you give with humour and delicateness; you are also a consumate showoman which is very important in this line of activity. Needless to repeat what others have already said regarding food which is uniformly excellent. However, what bears repeating though, is that you are an absolute darling on the screen. Steady as she goes, please continue seducing us all. Thanks a million Pai.

  5. Leftover protein and a medley of vegetables tossed in my wok with spices, fish sauce and sometimes a little palm sugar has become a staple for my meals since I fell in love with HTK.

  6. Putting Spanx on a roast 😁…I like it.

  7. okay, that does it, beef roast tomorrow.
    I'm gonna do 145 instead to make it suitable for my parents.

  8. I'm fed up with you ruining good food with lime juice or tamarind. Must everything be sour?

  9. Perfectly done! 👌🏻

  10. Love watching you and Cooked some of your recipes and it is so delicious

  11. trying this tonight; will let you know how I do

  12. Hi Pai, have you considered using Sous Vide

  13. What would you do with the ground meat after it's done making gravy

  14. great roast and the gravy is Thai goodness. How long did you cook at 275? I don't have a thermometer!

  15. All these people saying it's raw…..go enjoy your hockey pucks of beef

  16. Love your videos. Thank you – I've always been afraid to serve raw or dry roasts so I steer clear of it. Husband will (hopefully) be thrilled 😉

  17. Just made this for XMAS dinner (used Tri-Tip instead of Tenderloin).  Both myself and my Thai wife really enjoyed it.  One question, about how much gravy (in cups) does this recipe make?  Think I reduced it too much as I only had about 1&1/2 cups at the end.  Thanks for the recipe, we will be using it often.  For those saying the tenderloin was too rare that's exactly how my wife likes her beef too.

  18. Hi Pai! Thanks heaps for sharing this recipe! I am going to try it out for Christmas this year! Was wondering if you could tell us the approximate roasting time after you’ve lower the temperature to 275 please? I don’t have a thermometer so a time guide would be much appreciated. Love your channel!

  19. "And this is where it gets Thai"
    Print that on Tshirts and sell it-

  20. Your dishes are very colorful. I think these videos could showcase the food much better if you started filming in 4K like Mark Wiens and Trevor James.

  21. o yeah you so hot Darling

  22. Made this tonight and it WAS AMAZING OMG!!! Also made the Thai Stir Fry Veggies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJx2Vd5P5K8

  23. Pailin: The roast beef and Thai :gravy: looks great! However, this does not cut-it as Thai or Thai-fusion. Tasty but NOT THAI.

  24. still wonder these minced beef bits went….

  25. Spanx on a roast! LOLOLOLOL!!

  26. I was so impressed with the use of an in oven temp thermometer. Hardly ever see them being used by chefs in the Uk. Mainly they advocate sticking a probe in the meat and touching it to the lips, if it feels hot it’s the right temperature, which is no use to anyone. Why does every chef not point out the advantages of temp probes, they are about £10-£12 in the UK. I have been using them for years and really would not be without one. Maybe you could do a tutorial just on temperature probes, ie different meats, different internal temps and then there is fish. Best regards. DMJ

  27. Love you affect, it bring so much more fun emotion to your show. Keep up the good work…. 🙂

  28. Fuckenheit? HERESY! Celsius is the light, the truth, and the way!

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