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  1. But this isn't prison Pad Thai… This isn't even prison food… First off inmates always crush their noodles, there is no boiling water and you can't buy peanut butter or sriracha sauce in prison… This is just a cheap redneck recipe for poor people at home or college students that can't cook. Nice try though.

  2. No this dude did not just mix peanut butter with hot sauce

  3. Prison recipes: mufungo, chi chi, and a classic hook up. I can tell you how to make them if you need

  4. This was surprisingly good for being so simple. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I feel like sometimes you’re being sarcastic

  6. I would shank you for that

  7. My stepson was in federal prison in Montgomery AL, mackerel fish in a pouch is a form of currency there. I know, what has that got to do with your video? Nothing, I just found it interesting. Great video and you raved so much I am going to have to try it but I will put those little tiny canned shrimp in mine. Oh yeah, white collar crime he is not a thug.

  8. Martha Stewart and trading got a shank jokes were stupid and more annoying than funny. Good video, bad jokes.

  9. thats pack of smokes is honestly worth 80 bucks. that bowl of noodles all prepared in reality is worth a 1/4 of a cigarette. on the same note That 1/4 cig is alot for tasty noodles but worth prison pad thai

  10. You took my favorite dish and made me want to vomit 😝

  11. I would honestly mix the packet in the water before adding the noodles. This way the flavor water would be added into the noodles and you could use little to no liquid in the final product.

  12. Used to make this all the time in college!

  13. im going to make this right now

  14. next time mash up some spam and add it to the sauce. I also add soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, curry powder, and ginger. If you make enough sauce don't add the broth back to the noodles, the sauce is better on its own.

  15. That hot sauce looked more like tapatio than sriracha. Just saying 🙂

  16. Martha Stewart 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Bowl of that and a pack of smokes for my bitch deal?

  18. Make a prison sweet potato pie

  19. I worked in a jail for 9 years and let me tell you Ramen noodles are GOLD in jails and prison!

  20. If i was locked up id kill for that. And im a thai cook.

  21. You could easily get a hand job for those noodles.

  22. That actually looks great, I'm going to try this later today. Perfect for at work. Thanks wolfe pit

  23. Pad Thai for poor college students

  24. All disabled veteran's should try this. This Gunner's Mate knows. Another, a loaf of bread and a can of Hunts meat spaghetti sauce. Very important and precious commodity.
    Say Mr. Wolfe would you happen to have a local food harvest or Master Bakery outlet?.

  25. you should try the Asian style peanut pad Thai noodles from the grocery store I can't remember the brand but they are in a bright blue takeout container usually and you make the noodles in that box.

  26. Why would you add the seasoning before removing the noodles? just add it when you add the touch of water instead, otherwise you're losing like 90% of it and it's your main source of seasoning.

  27. this looks so good, but i am allergic to nuts…

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