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  1. Can we use home made white unsalted butter?

  2. can I use ghee instead of unsalted butter

  3. pls tell me the alternate of condensed milk in caramel sauce

  4. Rajshri food what cream are we using in the caramel sauce? Can I make that at home?

  5. what is related pizza in it by d way ??

  6. +rajshri food what cream are we using in the caramel sauce? Can I make that at home?

  7. please give perfect  measurement

  8. also dont know where is the description of this recipe!!!

  9. no measurements mentioned ruchi – pls help

  10. Just tried the dessert and its unbelievably easy, quick and delicious. My daughter whenever we go Chandigarh always cry to go pizzahut for choco chip cookie sundae. Now she doesn't need now for starving this. Thanks a lot….and keep it up👍

  11. Hoi Ruchi, I am searching for this recipe for long time. Searched hundreds of sites for warm cookie sundae but at last I got perfect recipe for perfect taste.Thanks a lot!!!!

  12. Hi Ruchi… I must say dat im a greaaat greeeaaaat fan of urs… & i luvvvv yo alott :* iv married recently and to be frank m a clean beginner… i have all ur videos saved n ma lappy and you ma guru n cooking 😉 while few turn out to be great.. and few disaster for me :'( bt will make sure that i don lose hope nd will try again n again… 

    btw i luvvvv icecream alotttt…. can u plsss show us how to make rich and creammmy icecreams fa this summer <3

  13. Hey Ruchi.I'm Tintu.Could you just tell me whether is it okay to use castor sugar instead of icing sugar for the cookie dough..??

  14. Here in UK the cookie dough is slightly salty which I love.. How much salt should I add to the dough?

  15. Thanks a ton Ruchi! Was looking for an eggless version of this for so long! This is my absolute fav!

  16. Hi, I have tried almost all ur recipes n it turned out gr8:). can u please make quiche or a pie?

  17. It's called cookie dough in UK, Pizza Hut has it. 

  18. wow ……….. simply delicious 🙂

  19. Hi, could you please mention the exact measurements of the ingredients – Thanks!

  20. Hi I'm a great fan of ur recipe……I have a request as our fasting month r coming can u plz share some more snacks recipe more like samousas n others

  21. Hey i have a suggestion! you should make ur crew members taste the food so we can get a better understanding thanks

  22. Wow! Looks very delicious

  23. Ruchi pl can u tell which brand vanilla essence ur using

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