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  1. Very nice and tasty food Thanks 🙏 🙏

  2. It’s not look saag wala chicken you should tell momy we love your recipe but saag dark green color should be appear on recipe.

  3. she is a very good cook..but pls allow her to make the original Punjabi food..😂😂aunty dont listen to bhav…pls make unhealthy recipes 😂😂😂

  4. His mom was teaching in my school she was my drawing teacher

  5. Ap hindi mai kyu nhi bolte

  6. your mother is so cute I love her……

  7. He does not translate everything,especially any tips she tells us about. He just interprets what is important. Great healthy recipes, clever way to make tandoori roti,will try it.
    Thank you.

  8. it would be cool if you put the exact measurements hehe

  9. It's revolution in the Indian cooking. Indian food add lots n lots of oil. Thanks for such a great recipe. Keep us updated with the new recipe which are as health as tpthis one.

  10. I made this chicken it was a hit thankyou soo much aunty love u.plz share more such recipes

  11. Hanji can't wait to make these dishes love Indian food espially Punjabi food😇

  12. Kammm ta tuda vadiya but bro tu akh q marda

  13. Bhav and sim …!!! We are eagerly awaiting..😍😘😘 for your reaction on #Mersal teaser…💪💪💪 From #Thalapathy #Vijay fansss 😎😎💪💪

  14. We need a cooking series by papa ggg

  15. React to vijay's new movie teaser Mersal ……am expecting your reactions…..thats already created a huge record

  16. O kaake khushnaseeb ho maa naal haigi salute to mom u blessed.respies is best with ashirwaad of maa.

  17. aunty ji ….u r sooooo lovely…..

  18. I love Indian food your mom beautiful

  19. wow nice cooking I like it sup 😋👍👌

  20. Awesome one i love chicken so i am gonna try just right tommorow..!! yayyyy…!!!!!! Awesome one i love it..!!

  21. aunty you look so beautiful today and yes your ever lovely cute innocent smile… u remind me of my mum back in india… who is also a working woman…love cooking like you and yes thank you for your healthy quick ways of cooking…

  22. Indian cooking is science. I have never tried Indian food, I guess it is time to start.

  23. we need a cooking series with papa singh

  24. please do spicy challenge

  25. Nice Video….Lets exchange Subscribe. Being a New YouTuber we should help each other to grow 🙂 Lets subscribe…

  26. Yummy. The chemistry between mother and son is too cute.

  27. Wah aunty Ji muh mein paani aa gaya. Aap bahut accha khana banati ho. Kisi din kadahi paneer banana.

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