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  1. Does anyone know if this curry stains teeth? I noticed there's no turmeric in it

  2. Hi Pai. How do store the paste if i make a large batch of it?

  3. Figured out a reasonably close cheat for this as Massaman curry paste is hard to find sometimes and I am too lazy to make it from scratch. Equal amounts of green or red curry paste, regular curry powder and cinnamon works really well.

  4. How long can we store this paste? How do we store to make it last longer?

  5. It looks execly like the store bought but much more better

  6. Adams kitchen? You don’t film at your house? Or is he your significant other lol

  7. What is the difference between the panang paste and the massaman paste, it is almost actually the same ingredients !!!!!

  8. love you for being generous and sharing recipes

  9. Food processor OK for the paste?

  10. My favorite Curry Paste … yummy…

  11. I really appreciate u from saudia thxx

  12. For the vegetarians out there, I used doenjang (Korean soybean paste) instead of kapi (fermented shrimp paste). Although probably different in taste, doenjang has plenty of umami (similar to miso, as suggested by Pai in the video).
    Also, I used New Mexico dried chillies (all I could find in the store) instead of spur chillies, for a mild paste.
    Also, I used a Cuisinart Smart Stick (200-Watt) to make the paste. Please use a big-enough container to grind everything. It will make your grinding  experience much more enjoyable.
    The product came out AMAZING!

  13. That blender looks very useful! Whenever i cook Southeast Asian foods, I always got annoyed to mix spices & aromatics in a mortar & pestle. Processing them in a blender doesn't do the flavour justice.

  14. Thank you Pal, I tried and enjoyed this recipe greatly. One question I have in your video is the use of mini coffee bean grinder you prefer to grind dried spices. Why not use your regular food processor, mortar and pestle, or your new immersion blender for grinding dried spices?

  15. I love Thailand so much and of curse the thai food! Thank you for your amazing recipes! I have also a cooking channel "Rucola the Show"

  16. What can you use instead of galangal?

  17. Hello Pai.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! I've already tried this paste recipe and turned it into the final curry and it tastes really great!! I'm not using the immersion blender since it's too expensive and I can't afford it :p.. So when I grind it using my mortar and pestle, I found that the lemongrass is quite difficult to grind until become very fine because I found that there are still some short and thin fiber in my paste.. Do you have any suggestions about that? Thank you….

  18. Brought to you by… Breville! Hmmmmmm

  19. Thank you so much for this, Pai! I'm currently a college student living far from home and I miss my dad's cooking (He's from northern Thailand) and your website + videos save me!!!

  20. Shrimp paste is fun stuff. Close the lid properly and put it in an airtight plastic bag.. still manages to stink the place up…

  21. I love my stick blender. I never understand why people love food processors and blenders so much. On youtube, I constantly see people transferring soups to blenders etc. With an immersion blender, you just blend the soup in the pan.

  22. I held my breath when you opened the grinder

  23. can i substitute vegemite for fishsauce or shrimp paste?

  24. Wow! Just made this and it was so good! Probably the best curry I've ever had! Question: would the guajillo/arbol combination work for other pastes that use dried chilis? like red or panang curry paste?

  25. "I like to shake it while I grind." ❤ LOL I heart these bloopers.

  26. I need me an immersion blender.

  27. 很有才,很可爱。说话时候表情太夸张了。。。

  28. Hello bello,
    I really want to make the curry paste, but can't find galangal root anywhere…can you pretty pretty please tell me how much galangal powder shall I use instead?
    Thank you very much

  29. Brilliant! how/how long can you store the paste?

  30. Hi Pai, first off, gotta send you tons of love from Las Vegas. 🙂
    OK, my question…I make Massaman curry all the time. What is your opinion of Arroy D and/or Mae Ploy brands of store bought pastes? Have you tried either?

  31. Mmm good weather for massaman curry right now 🙂 it's winter where I am and massaman curry is the best in cold weather.. yum yum

  32. I am a Chinese but you converted me to Thai cuisine, very grateful to your videos!

  33. What is the brand of the machine?

  34. I thi k masaman is Indonesian stuff.

  35. Thank you Pai for the recipe..may i know how long can i keep the paste in the fridge? Can i freeze it? 😊

  36. Please show ข้าวหมูแดง recipe, please…

  37. I am so happy you posted this video! I was looking for one on your website the other day but couldn't find it! I can't get fresh galangal where I live, so I prob need to see if I can get dried galangal online. If I use dried galangal, do you happen to know how much of that I need to use for this recipe? Thank you so much!! You rock!

  38. Pai likes to shake it when she grinds! 😛 hahaha…what ever happened to the mini short version videos u used to do. just like the mini whisk they were fun and cute. 🙂

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