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  1. It’s called a slotted spoon!

  2. I remember calling them raymen too. Then I was bullied until society forced my vocabulary to change.

  3. Driving me crazy that he keeps saying "Ray-men"

  4. Who the heck is Raymond? And why is he a noodle?

  5. Everybody loves Raymen.

  6. I tried it. It taste like shit

  7. lol everybody love's ramen

  8. its a possibility lol depends on how much of it you eat and how often. I like them too but that's nice to know that our foods are all being poisoned. you ever notice junk food is cheaper than fruits and vegetables? Cause cheap food has crap sprayed on it.

  9. you wasted 5 minutes of my life. I thought he was showing how to make your own noodles. lol you might of wasted 5 minutes of my life but you wasted 10 years of your life eating those toxic ass noodles that contain palm oil and TBHQ a synthetic petroleum product, that is used as a anti oxidant preservitve. you could literally have a pack of ramen in the back of your cabinet 🍜 that is 3 years old and it taste fresh. and they don't break down in the stomach.

  10. "Raymen"


    It's okay

  11. White eggs huh. . . freaking White Privilege

  12. This guy deadass sounds like Chris Pratt

  13. Just made some, waiting on it to cool down

  14. This shit will kill you. Full of sodium bro.

  15. Can you make a video in the microwave egg noodles plz

  16. 🍜🍜 {👍👍} 🍜🍜
    Thanks for sharing this video with your viewers. I, too, like poached eggs in it, as well, but I add sliced scallions, aka green onions ! 🍜

  17. I love me some raymen noodles

  18. omg , thas my mother recipe😅 how'd u know

  19. Everybody is talking about how he pronounces ramen wrong instead of the fact he puts the seasoning in the boiled water first!

  20. I'm doing it first time now

  21. Omg i always make the broth the. The noodles ayyyeeee I fuck with you for that real deal

  22. It's pronounced RA-MEN not RAY-MEN just letting you know

  23. People call it different ways stop being cunts about it😑

  24. Can’t pronounce it can’t cook it

  25. Looks like some good ass Raymond Noodles

  26. His kitchen looks exactly like mine's.

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