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  1. hey chef, my daughter likes ur rec. she cant really cook now she can make larb gai! thanks chef Rins. 🙂

  2. Love how you use the words "you all" all the time….great video thank you

  3. ชอบเสียงและหน้าตาอาหารการถ่ายทำคะ ง่ายมากสำหรับคนทำอาหารไม่เปนแบบหนู

  4. My go to larb gai recipe!! I made a vegan version for my son with mushrooms and soy sauce, it turned out great. Thanks Rin!

  5. I'm going to try your recipe Rin… Thank you for sharing your recipes I cant wait.

  6. wheres the allsauce and red chilli sauce garnish at the end?? bad larb gai

  7. i have just made this 10 mins ago so yummy, just got back from 6 months in chaing mai, miss the food so much , carnt wait to go back.

  8. Yum yum yum!! Cannot wait to have this with sticky rice…

  9. 💕 Love it5*💕
    Thanks 4posting n have a great day!

  10. Thanks Rins you The best have a Beautiful day!

  11. Thank you very much. Very easy to understand!

  12. หิวอร่อยกินกิน ยัมมี่

  13. This is actually a Lao dish in origin. It is considered the Lao national dish. But also eaten in northern Thailand called Isaan.

  14. Yum! Thank you for breaking it down! Love the format! It makes it idiot proof! 😉

  15. Excellent recipe! I like my larb a bit hotter so I added more chilies and put some finely chopped kaffir lime leaves on top, but other than that I didn't deviate much from the recipe.  Love the way you do the homemade toasted rice.  I used to roast and grind plain rice and most ppl in Thailand seem to do but I like yours with the lemongrass, dried galangal, and bai makrut.  Aroi mak mak!

  16. This is one of my absolute favorite Thai dishes. I make a vegetarian version as well using mushrooms and tofu. I've always wondered how to make an authentic meat version. Thanks chef! Also, could you please tell me what, "no name" means on a Thai menu in Thailand. When I went there I ordered it and it was this delicious fritter but I don't understand why it's called, " no name".

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  18. I like ur recipe nong. thanks!

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