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  1. I thought spring rolls were fried and summer rolls were'nt.

  2. Oh I see that now rice paper wraps sorry

  3. what is the name of the clear see thru wrap?

  4. this is awesome! you are the best

  5. This looks very, yummy I have to deffinetly try this recipe.

  6. Thank you so much for your quick response for my question.
    I enjoy your every video and they are absolutely "A"Plus in every aspect.
    Good menu selection, very clear instructions, super organized !!
    Thank you again.

  7. Where can I find a Vegi peeler that does julienne like yours?
    I bought a couple of stainless one on line which had good reviews, but I was Very disappointed with inaccurate reviews.
    Not only they julienne like a fine hair, but also wasn't easy to peel.( I had to put a lot of forces.)
    Could you tell me the brand name, and where to find it?
    I also like the flat wire whisk you use when you use to mix something.
    Thank you.

  8. wow dilicious but what are there plastic type things wrapped them together ? @Justonecookbook ?

  9. Hi! I wonder what kind of knife/blade you use at 1:37 to cut the carrots and cucumbers?

  10. Yummy!! What song is this playing in the background please? my toddler wouldn't stop smiling and dancing the whole time I played the video. 😍

  11. La-yu is chili oil. You're welcome.

  12. instead of rice vinegar can use apple cider?

  13. I love your channel! Great videos 🙂

  14. Great recipe! I just did and it was delicious!!

  15. looks healthy and yummy but what flavour does that dipping sauce have?

  16. what is the brand of the rice paper. ? if I don't have it how can I make it or any substitute ?

  17. I just found your channel, your food looks tasty 😋

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