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  1. and then camera off krte hi sara chicken kha liya.

  2. Sir can i eat it the next day after making ?

  3. U look like Sonu nigam after azaan controversy 😂

  4. Nice video sir . Ignore all your haters they all are motherfuckers . u are a good youtuber . Keep it up .

  5. This is a very russian cooking way

  6. Shikun yo payli magir video kar

  7. The recipe is healthy ( maybe), but the chef is not using gloves so it's a big no no for me. 😂

  8. can we use mustard oil instead of olive oil?

  9. Cook Nepali hai ….,😂😂😂


  11. How many calories does this recipe contains

  12. This is not boiled chicken…this is boiled and sauteed chicken, minus the nutrients which was removed in the stock…

  13. Honestly…Over Talks… Ingredients ka naam bhi sunne nhi diya bakbak ne aapki.

  14. Why that cook is feeling so uncomfortable… 😂 😂 😂

  15. oil bahot jyada he bhai aise diet hoti he? ???

  16. Sir its really freat recipe i loo ed it

  17. Kon isse suscribe krta Hai yr

  18. Vedio khatam hote hi khaya hoga pakka

  19. Bhaiya bholte bahut dhere h thora uchaa bhola karo aap

  20. Chup KR yar …bhut bkwas krta hai

  21. Good job I hope i will get success…. 😂😂😂😂

  22. You can’t put hot food in a plastic container. Totally contaminated the food. It’s not healthy anymore. Plastic is carcinogenic

  23. Duniya ka sabse bada chutiyapa kuch aata hai nhi bas you tube channel open kar dete hai..

  24. Thank you Tarun ! Keep showing such healthy recipes.

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