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  1. What ingredients would you use in yours?

  2. Its like You take a bite and feel so Many flavours.

  3. i feel a sense of deja vu when i hear this voice. i feel like it should be heard yelling at how shit video games these days are and laughing my ass off it as it happens

  4. Maybe I will try to do a "German" Version of it with some traditional Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. But man, that looks awesome!

  5. 'gratz buddy. keep it up.

  6. Ma che schifo! Venite in Italia, se volete mangiare buono e sano!

  7. Imgur brought me here. Keep it up dude!

  8. How long and at what temp would you recommend for oven cooking?

  9. That looks great. The bread itself looks YUM. Like you said any type combination inside. Great idea. Enjoyed

  10. Nice! Endless possibilities with that…the Egg makes it for me! m/

  11. Man that is an awesome idea! So many great flavors coming together.

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