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  1. DUDE stop telling Jr how much to eat !! daaaaaaaaaaamn !! that's is getting on my damn NERVES i mean hell, you put more stuff as in, more SEASON AND more pepper …LAY off will you ? GEEEEEEEEZ " it's just a sampler" ..oh man Sr just let the BOY EAT how he wants to eat!!

  2. O my gosh. If you don't know how to cut with your knives and which ones to use, you shouldn't have a cooking "show" bcuz you have no idea what you're doing. Good luck with that.

  3. I made this today and my boyfriend says he likes it and says that it tastes refreshing. Thank you 🙂 

  4. Haha I guess you'll have to make that for Jack Jr.'s School lunch. 

  5. I decided to make this for my brother and mom and it was delicious!!!! Thank you so much of this recipe!!! I am going to make this for celebration dinners!!

  6. Jack, you should cut the lime / Lemon the other way around, through its equator.. that makes squeezing easier..

  7. A teenager who will fight to eat a veggie salad? That's a definite win!

  8. Jack i see you battle with lemons/limes most of the time or at least do it the harder way. Why don't you slice them the opposite direction you normally do? so instead of from tip to tip, leave the tips to the sides and slice through the middle? Squeezes much easier. 
    God Bless

  9. Nice Shirt Jack Jr. & The Salad Looks Wonderful – A.D.$

  10. That looks like Red Russian garlic. I buy it all the time, better than standard garlic. 

  11. that looks good Jack; loved Jack Jr.'s taste test – "gimme" (sounds like a growing teenager, lol)

  12. Jack i thought that you had bought some type of medallion, most of them have a blade or a setting for corn, just a thought  

  13. Tip! with the baby tomatoes, if you have two lids to containers, you can put the tomatoes in one lid, place the other on top of the tomatoes and you can cut like 10 at a time! :)

  14. Try using a pizza knife for the herbs.

  15. Cilantro ruins anything it touches, that is one nasty weed.

  16. I wish my mom made this this makes me hungry

  17. i really enjoy these videos but i literally cringe when i watch jacks techniques in the kitchen. maybe he just has poor eyesight i dont know

  18. Looks fresh and awesome! Haha at Jack Jr.! It's a if you don't feed the teen enough…. :D

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