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  1. Enjoy watching your vids😉😊👍 keep it coming🌷🌸🌹

  2. Great Video Im Making The Begal one few Mins!!! Question! whats the name of the song ?? i love it!!😊

  3. what kind of blender do you use?

  4. Hi Liv. How is it going?

  5. I love eating meat. It tastes pretty good.

  6. In my smoothies I like to add fruit and vegetables and a whole bunch of kidney beans ect… you should really try it its not just delicious but even more healthy.

  7. Thank you so much for your vegan ideas :)

  8. omg I love love your channel 😍😍💕✌😋

  9. I subscribed. like youre ideas.
    Happy Holidays

  10. Instead of cream cheese on bagels, I use hummus. Sooo good.

  11. As soon as I heard bahgel, went straight to the comment, and I was not disappointed lmao. Great video btw Liv!

  12. The way she said bagel was so funny yet cute 😂😂

  13. Thank you so much.. now I can do the "Seven days vegan challenge baby (Solves all your Problems )"

  14. Yes!! I'm about 4 months in with my veganism and I'd loove to see more filling breakfast videos, that's what i struggle with the most.

  15. For some reason I just loved they way she said bagel

  16. Need more breakfast recipes!

  17. Where do you usually buy your groceries?

  18. How is it supposed to be fast when you're in a rush in the morning?!😅

  19. Love seeing the Français name as well on the label

  20. When I become a full on vegan I'm definitely going to be living off your recipes 😂😍

  21. The claim you made at the beginning of the video isn't completely true. Haven't you ever heard of intermittent fasting? The latest you should eat is around 11 or 12.

  22. I love what you do for simple folk like me, I would love to support your channel buy buying your e-book, but 25 recipes is not that much for a person who wants to go plant based diet meals. Good job and keep up the good work. If you get more recipes in the book then I will gladly buy it.

  23. I'm doing the seven day vegan challenge baby solves all yo problems

  24. Where do you get your vegan cream cheese, regular cheese, mayonnaise and all that stuff from in Canada? I find it really difficult to find this stuff in grocery stores near me, the only one that has some of that stuff I've noticed is Zehrs so far.

  25. How do you eat from that huge mason jar?

  26. delicious food but very time consuming, first one was the quickest.

  27. What kind of tortillas do you use for your burritos and wraps?? I have been buying sprouted grains and brown rice tortillas, but I notice they do not wrap well. They tend to break apart :(

  28. I absolutely love! !! these recipes!
    simple vegan eats!
    Rock!😀😀 Thankyou

  29. spread avo on the burrito. suh good

  30. Make a video on vegan brunch ideas !

  31. I really love your channel, just subscribed few days ago and coming back everyday to watch the videos posted 💪🏻 keep it coming!

  32. More breakfast ideas please ! 🐰

  33. This girl is awesome, she gets straight to the point and the food actually looks really good!

  34. Microwave kills everything good inside – try to stop using it 😉
    Love the vids, just binge watched you :D

  35. I thought bagels had eggs in them.

  36. Man these look yum! I need to work on getting healthier- my eating habits aren't too good. I don't have the time in the morning to even eat breakfast most of the time, simply because I leave early, and sleep until I have about 15 minutes to get ready because I'm up late finishing uni work.

    I'll have to start managing time better haha

  37. I changed over to a plant based diet about 4 months ago and there are some pretty bleak recipes out there. I was getting so tired of stews and soups. Your recipes are so simple and delicious looking and I am inspired to make several! Breakfast for me has been hot cereals up to now so these breakfast ideas are fantastic! I shared with my granddaughter since I know she rushes off to school without eating. Thanks so much!

  38. love your videos !😊 I need to go to sleep and stop watching haha but I can't :)

  39. My gf says "orngejooce" too lol

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