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  1. Jacks got a cutie for a wife.

  2. That utensil is useless… just use a regular knife…. lol jesus.

  3. LOL in the end she just went with "the base" and ditched "the basics" lmfao

  4. We usually add some garlic salt which we LOVE and makes it taste great!

  5. The guac mix looks extremely processed it would taste far better without it. 

  6. I love Tammy!!! She's awesome! 

  7. never use things that are not edible in food

  8. How do you know when it's ripe

  9. Jack, you have a family of Chefs :D

  10. She needs to do more cooking show!!

  11. Awesome job, this look delicious. 

  12. Not bad. Not my ideal guac (I am not a cilantro person, and I tend to not like tomato in guac either, and the use of packets is an unnecessary expenditure IMO), but it is definitely better than store-bought for sure.

  13. …."without you sniffing"


  14. GO DENVER BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I didn't read all of the comments, so if this has been addressed already, I'm sorry. Get rid of the seasoning packets. Typically, you would want to add salt, cumin, coriander, and white pepper. The lime juice DOES stop the mix from going brown, but the avocado pits DO NOT. Great video Mrs. Jack!!!!

  16. She knocked it out of the park!  Great Job.  That is a real deal guacamole recipe, and is exactly the way we make it in our family..except for the flavor packet.  It really doesn't need all those chemical additives and artificial flavors.  I use white onion, because it's traditional in Mexican cooking, but I'm not mad at a brown, yellow or red onion.  It's all good.  We need to see more of the Mrs.!   

  17. I love her!!! More vids from the wifey. She is funny. 

  18. I had a good time making the same dip. 

  19. Nice vid with the Mrs! A bit surprised at the season packet… What did they use in Ensenada?

  20. Omg I loooove Tammy's jewelry! Also I love the fact that your past product reviews hold up! I remember that product from a while back, and that's a fact jack 🙂 #unclesi

  21. Tammy did a great job! I might have to try this recipe. 🙂 

  22. Awesome Tammy! Great video! Gotta try that guac one day

  23. I love your wife!!! She's so amazing!!! She should do more videos!! And you guys should do some together!!!

  24. I love guacamole. Not too find of those pre packaged seasonings though. Cumin, salt, pepper, pinch of sugar, lemon. 

  25. I would be elbow deep in that bowl… 

  26. Considering avocados are $3 a piece where I live (aus) this probably isn't doable for an affordable price 

  27. Love it! Love the outtakes also! Thanks for the videos.

  28. We use so much quac at my house that amount she makes is enough for one person and will not last 30 minutes 

  29. AWESOME your wife made a video!!!! tell her to do more!!!! this was GREAT!!!!

  30. I wish that I liked Guac xD

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