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  1. Bitch you took TWO minutes to get into the fucking video!!!

  2. What? I thought you'd have more subscribers than this your too amazing to only have 700 subscribers!

  3. New to this channel! Already obsessed… But why don't you have 3 million subs?! Love you so much! xx

  4. wow this channel is going to grow veryyy fast believe me.xox

  5. can you do a  maykup storage?

  6. Im really confused. Why do you have so little subs??

  7. do i melt the butter for the blondies

  8. Hello !
    I would like to tell you that your video is great! Your recipes are simple and fast. I am a French girl and I can understand what you say . You are very clear in your video, I love it!
    Kiss <3

  9. Did it say 25 minutes for the last one?

  10. If you got a bitter aftertaste from the water it's because of the lemons skin. I recommend just squeezing the juice of the lemon into the water then add the strawberries

  11. +maggiemaclover Theres something wrong with this channel. It says 178 subscribers and not 2 million! Why????

  12. Omg yess! We should totally collab,!

  13. I wanna try these!! They look so delicious! 😀
    Can you do your morning and night routine? <33

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