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  1. Please help me, i have pork rinds which I've been dehydrated overnight & I want to cook them in the tefal actifryer. This will be the first time I've failed if I give up on the actifrier, but it's just not working out between us. How do I cook just the skin?

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been trying to find a fall proof way of cooking pork belly that doesn't make it go tough. And now because of this video I've finally found it. I did pork slices (about 1 1/2 inches thick without skin on and maple glaze on. Cooked 20 mins one side and 10 on the other and they were absolutely gorgeous and juicy too. My husband and I loved them a lot and now won't cook them any other way. So thank you so much again 👍.

  3. You owe me a new laptop. My mouth watered so much watching this, that I dribbled all over the keyboard & rendered my laptop useless…!!!

  4. This looks and sounds mouthwatering…drool! Will def give this a go! Always looking for an excuse to eat crispy pork. Thanks for the hint on how to slice it successfully.😄😉😋

  5. Something tells me hubby will want to try this out with the Actifry Santa 😉🎅brings me!
    Take care 😙 xx

  6. That pork belly looks amazing! Pork belly has to be mine & Dons favorite meat. I dont eat much meat but I gorge on that stuff. I am so tempted to buy an Actifry. All the recipes you make in it turn out fabulous. Unfortunately kitchen cupboard space is a problem for me. I will look into it though. Maybe throw out my deep fryer ;D Thank you Cheeky 🙂

  7. Omg!!! This is a brilliant idea! Last time I made pork belly there was fat/grease everywhere. A huge thumbs up for this idea 👍👍

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