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  1. plz share a recipe of non alcohlic fruit sangria

  2. Means I do understand English but more I like hindi

  3. Main Appke nai recipe k lea ruk rahi hu

  4. Please don't take the slap seriously it was just a joke but yes please talk in himdi

  5. how many servings is it, I need it to be a serving of 25 people so how much of the ingredients do I use? please reply as soon as possible +Bhavna's Kitchen

  6. at is the measurement for the maida and butter that you are using here and also sugar for the dough?

  7. Absolutely love it! I will definitely try it. I am so used to savory samosas this is refreshing.

  8. Amazing recepie ,.. well done mam 🙂 

  9. beautiful ! Oh, I want one…

  10. HI thnx for sharing…can we freeze them and if yes do for how long?? Thnx

  11. i contest its just not a indian dish , its also bangladeshi desi

  12. I am so excited to try this recipe! Can I substitute the grape juice with black coffee?

  13. Bhavna, is this at all too chocolaty or too sweet?

  14. Can you bake those samosa instead of frying?

  15. When I think of Samosas, I think potatoes and peas etc.
    Never as a Deseret , but you sold me on this . The end result was so appetizing ,-p

  16. did you use some of the same footage from your cannoli video?

  17. Wow.. Yummy & innovative!! 

  18. OMG!! Yummy😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  19. Love the new intro! Looks delicious too!

  20. Very new thought👍🏻Interesting & Looks yummy

  21. How was the stuffing after frying? ?? Fruits. .. n that too fried! 

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