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  1. Thank You!!!! I was so happy to see you used tamarind paste. I am going to make it this weekend.

  2. Lyndsay I wish I worked that close to such a beautiful area. Nice! Now to your  Chicken Pad Thai recipe big fan of the tamarind paste. This Thai inspired recipe look very well made and I think you did a great job on.

  3. Hi, I love the intro with the beautiful nature trail.
    Wow a 15 minute meal,, love the idea of prepping and freezing ahead for those busy days!
    Your dinner looks so good!! ;)!

  4. This looks yummy! Also when i prepare my rice noodles i just soak them in cold tap water for 30 minutes drain and add to my dish and mix, I find they don't turn into a mushy noodle that way and I prefer the texture.

  5. This looks amazing!! Pad Thai is one of my all time favourites!!! Bye now Gorgeous – I'm off to the shops to buy some ingredients!!!

  6. I love tamarind, it's such a great ingredient to add to savory dishes. Oh, and you can make great juice with it too.

  7. Lyndsay this looks incredible. I love this recipe and I'm looking forward to the soup video. That looks awesome.

  8. Thanks so much, Lyndsay!  🙂     Another great video and looks really EXCELLENT!    
    Thumbs up as always,   Jersey Joe   xxoxxx      ;-D

  9. Looks so delish & healthy Lyndsay. Pad Thai kit.. just add chicken, love the concept 🙂 Looking forward to your Pho recipe. Thank you xo.

  10. Im so glad you like asian cuisine just as much as i do haha

  11. I love your channel. Great recipes indeed

  12. Your Chicken Pad Thai looks delicious, Lyndsay! Thanks so much for sharing. 

  13. Lyndsay this is so awesome. Pad Thai Chicken RULES!!!!!! Derwood must be so happy lol. We will make this soon. ROCK ON!!!!!

  14. This is excellent.  I love Pad Thai almost as much as Thai Red Curry.  I also make "kits". I am glad you pointed that out.  Having a pre-made kit makes life, and food, so much more enjoyable. 🙂

  15. Yum! And wow, I gotta find tamarind paste in a container like that, sweet, literally! Thanks for the inspiration Lyndsay!!!

  16. That looks incredible! I love love pad Thai and this I will be making

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