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  1. I like your Programm so much

  2. How many people donates grand pa, cooking for orphan kids ?

  3. Who’s that poindexter I always wondered

  4. You guys sure do your own unique spin on American dishes. But man does it look good!

  5. Delicious chicken fried rice.

  6. Daddy I love the way you help the children.

  7. i would love to eat your food grandpa x

  8. How could you adopt these children??❤

  9. God bless every single one of those children and those who see after them!!❤❤🙌

  10. hello Grandpa from India

  11. His cooking is always well seasoned

  12. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️

  13. would love to try grandpa kitchen food someday. and i love how he says Saltuuuu!

  14. I use this as appetite GOD BLESS GRANDPA!

  15. This remeber me the "arroz chaufa"… great Grandpa… : D

  16. You r just great grandpa 😍😍😍

  17. grandpa ur work is equals to heavens work ..how many people love this type of work??

  18. From all the way in South Australia i just want to say i love your Channel, you guys are my favorite of all youtube cooking shows

  19. Grandpa the eggs is less for the chicken fried rice

  20. Super dad love you 💛💛💛💛💛

  21. Look at those innocent heavenly smile…grandpa u r next to God to them who have never even seen these foods…

  22. you are the best in the world i love youre vids and that you make frence fries netherlands loves you all zo yummy

  23. all of Grandpa's food looks immaculately seasoned. those kids are fortunate to have such a kind-spirited and influential being such as Grandpa.

  24. Grandpa exquisita comida y extraordinario hombre por preparar comida para los niños. Me encantan sus videos tienen algo que te enganchan ,puede que sea el amor que pone en la comida para esos maravillosos niños

  25. What nonsense pronounced.

  26. I tryed one of youre recepies and all where greatly thankfull for grandpas kitchen recepie thank you and a beautyfull journey

  27. Hai grandpa and brather love you so much bagarm, s💞💞💞👈👈

  28. 1 more hrt touching video…. u hv such a blessed soul grandpa! Lv 4m westbengal,India☺

  29. mjhe adds se chir he. per me inki videos k adds dekhti hn. me chahti hn k Allah inki umar lambi kre. or aise hi hmesha madad krte rhe. love from Pakistan

  30. I mean this is unbelievable cooking. all going to poor children. hats off to you Mr. Grandpa👌

  31. Lovely meal for the children grandpa…well done! 😊

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