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  1. Looks good!! I love to use green salsa!!

  2. What does the sign say "Your opinion is not in the ???" I can't figure it out!!

  3. Looks good.. A lil pink is fine… Keep it up.

  4. Did anyone else cringe when he put the 2nd breast in at 4:28? The exact wrong way to put it in unless you enjoy blistering your hand in oil lol.

  5. Why even bother with the tostitos salsa? Make some fresh salsa and include the avocado!

  6. uhmm
    they look very greasy
    are they greasy

  7. sweating the vegetables? lol what? you can't "sweat" vegetables by putting them in a high intensity pan. you clearly fried to vegetables

  8. How can you eat undercooked chicken? That is NASTY!!! Your lack of culinary hygiene is disgusting.

  9. After taking the time to make a nice marinade and getting great flavors in the chicken I was disappointed to see you ruined it with the canned salsa would have like to see you make some home made salsa.

  10. no follow up video of him crapping and puking his brains out from that undercooked chicken?

  11. Ah… Chicken tartare…

    Truly a delicacy

  12. When you put chicken in a frying pan with hot liquid in it put the chicken from the outside in not from the middle out towards you hot oil kinda hurts don't teach people incorrect techniques

  13. I always like to stick my tortillas covered for 30 seconds in the microwave so they are nice and steamy.

  14. Hope you enjoyed the salmonella Jack ! (:

  15. Your cabinets are to long..

  16. Excellent. Extremely tasty.

  17. fajitas are supposed to be cooked on the grill, then cut

  18. The sign of a good taco is the drip. Nice job

  19. You should consider finding a place where you can by fresh tortillas, they're just better tasting and don't have that weird texture.

  20. Hey jack just curious, where did the canning video go? I was looking to can somethings for next year

  21. it seems like the chicken is too pink , shouldnt risk that if i were you . you know salmonella etc

  22. Always look forward to your videos, dude. The garlic you have been using probably costs you more than the fresh stuff and loses some of it's nutrients when it is jarred like that. Keep up the good work, dude.

  23. Should rename the episode "unhealthy eating" with the colour of that chicken. Also you don't need to bring your mouth to the food at 50mph, it's not going to run away…. well actually i take that back the chicken may well be alive.

  24. What is ti with you Americans and under-cooking your food?

  25. Did you get salmonella poisoning from eating the raw chicken? I'm surprised you actually posted this video. Although I have seen raw chicken in a previous video so…

  26. umm too much oil and I would but some different seasonings…. but the host is awesome!

  27. So many rude comments give him a break not everyone has to say the chicken is pink

  28. undercooked chicken, putting raw chicken on a wooden cutting board so it can absorb everything…

    Remind me never to eat at your place

  29. Are you colour blind? That chicken was undercooked. I can't believe you put that bag into your fridge after placing it on top of a bunch of chicken juice.
    You shouldn't be posting videos when you don't have a grasp on basic food hygiene. It only takes 6 hours to do a hygiene course and get a certificate. Pull yourself together.

  30. jack, you seriously don't know how tell if chicken is cooked thoroughly?

  31. try to do more low sodium recipes

  32. jack you never cease to amaze and inspire, keep doing what your doing

  33. They are not peppers they are capsicums. They aren't even peppery wtf america?

  34. I always have to wonder how many salmonella poisonings can be attributed to Jack

  35. Jack is a very brave man. ignore the haters just keep doing your thing :)

  36. Salmonella is healthy eating alright. Super easy!

  37. GROSS! If we don't see new videos for awhile, we can assume he's in the hospital with salmonella. Or at least sick from cross contamination.

  38. Come on Jack. This is healthy only for me and you😀😀😀. Fried chicken and vegies in coconut butter???? And what is coconut butter???😒😒Why don't you use olive oil?
    In Europe, health systems suggest us not to use aluminium foil with hot stuffs. Don't use it in oven. Put a baker paper under this. I will try your marinade.👍

  39. dude those chicken breasts were under cooked and you took a bite out of it.

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