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  1. omg that looks so fricken deliciouse its been a while since ive ate chicken wings i wish i would be there to take em all

  2. Interesting idea to smoke the chicken first….I'll try that sometime

  3. I've always thought I would try to make these one day and now that I've seen this video, I'm going to try, thanks.  Two questions though….Do you smoke the chicken until they're done or stop short knowing they are going in the fryer?  Have you ever brined the chicken before cutting it up?

  4. Whooa excellent crunch!!

  5. Nice job Brian. I love me some wings. Those looked great and had a nice crunch. Kudos buddy

  6. Brian, very nice , .. you sou chef is on top of her game, ..stir, stir, stir …. 🙂
    Keep the videos coming Buddy !!!! 

  7. Looks good. Keep the videos coming. I'm hoping to get a smoker grill sometime this summer. I'm learning a lot from your videos. Thanks

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