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  1. Im want to try for the firstime…i love soup

  2. Beef noodle soup is simply the best. Great dish chef👍

  3. Yum! definitely a must try! I like my pares with rice with extra green onions and garlic

  4. Sarap yummylicious thumbs up!

  5. One of my favorite meriendas!! What’s your favorite merienda! 😊👨‍🍳🇵🇭

  6. It's savory, oh goodness my palates long to eat the food you cooked in this episode!

    Thumbs up sir!

  7. I can sense how your accent changes sir hehehe, I can hear a little bit of a filipino accent right there. Hehehe

  8. I just had my dinner yet I am craving again while watching this episode of maputing cooking. :-p

  9. Hello sir!
    Have a great day. 🙂
    How are you doing?

  10. wow. masarap yan. thank you for sharing your home cooking recipe by maputing cooking.

  11. Star anise is essential for beef pares 😮😐 but your dish looks good nonetheless 👍

  12. Wow it looks yummy,im gonna try to cook this when i get home,thanks

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