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  1. I'll combine them all, and increase overall size at least two times.

  2. My brown rice never looks like that

  3. Nice recipes. But it is healthy to use olive oil in cooking or cook olive oil in a high heat? Cause I read several times they get toxic when heated in a high flame. As it's smoke point is very low. Please enlighten me.

  4. wooo
    looks delicious .. thanks for the video

  5. the rice in this recipe shown is not brown. will look different with brown rice. otherwise looks amazing

  6. As an Asian I decided to cut out rice entirely during my diet because I know if I eat even a spoonful I'd want more 😭 but these looks good maybe I'll try to get it slowly into my diet next.

  7. rice contains too much of carbohydrates which spikes insulin level.

  8. The music helped with the weight loss

  9. Just subed❤😊😘💯

  10. Love this page , honestly I never knew these weight loss recipe could be sooo easy 😊😊😊😊

  11. Extra virgin olive oil is not good for heating…so it's better to use some other oil

  12. Who you cooking for mickey mouse? 😒

  13. Can i eat brown rice daily dinner or lunch plz answer me

  14. Rice for weightloss at 36 grams of carbs per serving. lol

  15. Looks tasty and the macros are on point!

  16. what is coriander? powder?

  17. Can I apply the second recipe without chicken because I am vegetarian

  18. Lol, imma need 10 of these bowls .

  19. Nice, can i added some chili paper?

  20. Rice looks like parboiled rice instead of brown rice

  21. this is what i was looking 4 thankx 👏

  22. great wow super lovely nice looking yummy

  23. Did no one notice that he said Brown rice instead of white rice cause I did it's all white rice not Brown

  24. The second one looks sooo delicious

  25. شكرا على هذه الوصفات

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