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  1. WTFFF!!! What is this!? What!!???

  2. $1,000,000.00 RERWARD! @ SeekingCredibleInformation.com

    (one million dollars)

  3. Kitchen burnt down so i ordered domino's

  4. Most of these look disgusting

  5. The sardine one was disgusting

  6. There's always that one ingredient i don't have rn lolol

  7. Please use some guyanese ingredients

  8. Putting chips into salad is just wrong.

  9. This is not good. This is good for cat; dog;etc

  10. Nice.
    Thanks for the delicious recipe!😋 😋

  11. i love them all thank you for posting vid

  12. People said the Sardine looks bad, I just wanna say FOOD is not about the looks, It’s about the taste. Maybe it looks bad, But tastes delicious.

  13. Copied beef Wellington

  14. If you hate your family, you will cook them that sardines dish.

  15. The yoke egg was kinda unnecessary doesn't seem like that would go with the rest of the food

  16. dog food NOT!I would not feed my pets any of this hideous garbage.

  17. on this page I discovered the amazing recipes https://bit.ly/2J7AfbI

  18. Made it 10 seconds, the music was brutal

  19. What's the point of stop-motion?

  20. Tasteless shit with good color, wats the point?

  21. Fucking chipmunk music again, vrrr!

  22. It would be nice to see the written recipe

  23. I did the first one for my family n I'm only twelve

  24. This should be a try not to get grossed out challenge

  25. The music is terrible and disgusting

  26. The second one… ew! sardines and shit

  27. Anyone else think this was my buzzfee D tasty

  28. Question…do i need a cast iron for these recepies or can i use a regular nonstick pan???

  29. I suggest turning the sound off.

  30. So many of these are just very dumb ideas

  31. Re commented in different words: The sardine recipie looks like dogs dinner!

  32. Last one made me sick to even think about

  33. really annoying music, seriously, how can you listen to this without brain hemorrhaging

  34. Please Any one tell me what is the name of first recipe in this vedio

  35. how come the cheese don't burn oN th3 raw chick3N?

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