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  1. I am new to your chanel your videos are great and the recipe make it easier to be vegan thanks

  2. your videos are amazing, they feel so peaceful and genuine!

  3. That's the kind of cooking I love simple, hearty, and delicious. Soup and bread can't be beat. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Malin – I loved this video. It was so nice to see your home town. Small like mine in Norway 🙂 and i also love how you follow no-waste. I am big on that too. Big hug from London. xoxo

  5. Hello Malin. New subscriber from Denmark here 🙂
    I've just spent my afternoon and evening watching all your videos 🙂 I find them very peaceful to watch, and very inspiring, and they're so beautifully shot. So thank you for sharing 🙂
    I'll stay tuned for more 🙂

  6. Delicious food! Vegan is the way to go. Do check out my channel for more vegan update xx

  7. breakfast looks good. that's something i can make. I'm kind of lazy when it comes to cooking

  8. Beautiful day of eating!! 😊

  9. .i freaken luv u! My top 5 youtubers😘

  10. you make such lovely videos! they are beautiful and really fun to watch! 🙂

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