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  1. I just subscribed your IG right away! You're really a sweet girl, and all those recipes are great! Thanks for sharing ~
    BTW, I'm a Taiwanese Fan😘

  2. Mmm, I love the idea of the smoothie packs because I love all smoothies!😋🍓

  3. You look a lot like Zoey Deutch 😻

  4. love this video! i need to try those muffins! great editing

  5. My two top favorite healthy snacks are: your Apple and oats stuff that you make, and peanut butter and honey on toast

  6. Loved it Ellie hope I get to make them! Love your videos

  7. Oh my goodness gravy and biscuits!!!! I have just been trying to find healthy breakfast recipes like this!! Thank you! 💛

  8. Can you please do a hairstyle video of some sort??? I fricken love your hair in this video

  9. This video was awesome!!! Please get a million followers tomorrow. I have tons of trouble having breakfast and the muffins seem awesome to make on Sunday and grab before school during the week 💫

  10. You put so much work into your videos! I love them so much!

  11. I loved this video!! You deserve way more followers! ily <3

  12. I REALLY want to try those banana muffins and the granola bars!! How have I never thought of making homemade granola bars!?? I love the ending too haha!! That was cute! 😉

  13. I love this video!! Speaking of not eating breakfast, I haven't today and its after 1 PM here haha. I am definitely going to be trying these girls

  14. You added chocolate chips to the muffins? Maybe I missed that part or is it something else lol?

  15. Idk why don't have more subscribers, girl your videos are really amazing!

  16. These were so helpful! I'm definitely gonna make some of these! Xx

  17. You look sooo cute. like Rosie the Riveter

  18. These recipes are so good and easy,gonna try them soon👅🍴 And my favvv snack is ofcourse,Granola Bars❤btw,you are a really sweet person and I love watching your videos💕

  19. Love this video! You are such an incredible YouTuber! Love you ❤️

  20. This made me sooo hungry omg

  21. Missed you! Did your video uploads change now? Just wondering!! 🙂

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