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  1. -We've got Riu here.

  2. My favorite drunk food/street meat.

  3. come and cook in Cyprus you are welcome

  4. Hey DJ BBQ 🙂
    I would love to see your take on an original tandoori chicken with a yoghurt (maybe with pureed mint) dip 🙂
    i think there is no better roast chicken in the world :D

  5. Bbq fish. Make your own marinade with a foil wrap. What seasoning would you use for a fish with a light flavor?

  6. Brilliant. Is that grill made from an old fridge radiator lol?

  7. dj bbq, what part of the pork is that? leg, back, shoulder??

  8. Come to stockton-on-tees mate, north east england, make yourself a parmo and smash it!!!

  9. DJ BBQ should do seafood – prawns, lobsters, reef fish Australian style. Or maybe the trio of kangaroo, emu and crocodile.

  10. I'm from Mississippi, and we do everything from Cajun to Soul Fried to BBQ. Lots of Pork and lots of Crawfish. But if there's one ingredient that screams Mississippi, it's CATFISH.

  11. And btw. If you'd like, I can send you a few recipes just to try them by yourself 😀 ;)

  12. DJ BBQ, I am from the Czech Republic, small country in the heart of the Europe, come to visit us. We got plenty of exclusive recipes, absolutely sexy beer and wine and very taseful girls (or vice versa if you want 😀 ).

  13. +DJ BBQ you must try mititei, a traditional romanian dish of grilled ground meat rolls.they're only found here in the land of vampires

  14. I love when you speak portuguese! This one was awesome!

  15. Come to Colombia and make/try some Lechona!

  16. HEY DJ! You should try some brazilian dishes!!! 

  17. Мне одному кажется что мясо жарили на радиаторе ?

  18. I really liked this video 🙂 And like a true portuguese, i have to say that you have to grill some sardines. We love our sardines as much as we love our garlic 😉 

  19. Great video sir!  New subscriber here and I can't wait to "binge" on your videos!!!  You are welcome to check out my channel as well…….have a good one!

  20. Hey dj bbq, how bout you cook some filipino dish if you have time. Id love to watch that. More power, godbless! 👍

  21. i try this badboy not pork but beef version

  22. Wicked Portuguese skills DJ! I like how the boys are whistling and chilling while ur doing ur thang..Epic!

  23. I wanna send you a tshirt from our Band message me!

  24. Great video and great way to keep vampires away

  25. DJ BBQ just love your videos… you need to come to BRAZIL and taste the best CHURRASCO ever (BBQ)

  26. +DJ BBQ love it! I'm brazilian and I went to Portugal last year, really loved the country and the people there.
    A little tip DJ, when you said "pão" (bread) you sounded like "pau" which is a slang for the male parts, LOL
    also: you should really learn some brazilian meat recipes, it would make your world crazy

  27. Pork cooked on a radiator…… now that's what I call a home made BBQ grill!

  28. Hey DJ BBQ, I'm brazilian and I traveled to Portugal last year, totally loved it!
    so, I know the language… the way you said Pão (the Bread) sounded like a Pau, a slang for "dick" LOL
    =D keep up with the awesome videos and you should learn some brazilian meats, we would rock your world, believe me

  29. +DJ BBQ I would love to see you cooking some traditional greek dishes like kokoretsi ! Come to Greece, its the most beautiful country in summer !

  30. You make me hungry again. Hahaha The pork look so nice
    BTW please Come to Thailand  "ประเทศไทยยินดีต้อนรับ"

  31. Come down under cook you some kangaroo burgers 

  32. Best BBQ Channel on Youtube 

    Keep up the good work.

  33. Introduce me to your friends!  I like their recipes, and you banged it out brother!!!

  34. One of the the best chefs on the internet! Keep it up man 

  35. Amazing! Have you ever considered coming to Brazil?

  36. Finally dj is not stuttering and I clearly understand and enjoyed the video!

  37. How come no cooking videos from Estonia?

  38. how bad ass is that, using a radiator for a gill!!! killer looking porky killerness!  Nice brother !

  39. Come to Venezuela! Or make a video making some arepas. =) Love all your videos. Keep up the good work.

  40. So easy to make, very simple, best flavors fresh. Pork meat and BBQ portuguese sauce so good!

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