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  1. do your go to dinner ideas!!!!

  2. In the discription it says you need to add tuna…

  3. we need more of these! this was amazing

  4. Where are her salt and pepper shakers?

  5. Made the “no tuna sandwich” yum!!

  6. Where is that shirt from?! It’s gorgeous

  7. THANK YOU for putting deets in your description box!!

  8. Sweet baby Jesus, that bacon is phenomenal.😄

  9. Jesus those sandwiches look insanely good.

  10. Where is the veggie bacon from?

  11. Yum! The plant over the sink is so nice.

  12. Where can I find the veggie bacon?

  13. Love love love your shirt! Where is it from?

  14. You know cheese is not healthy right?

  15. What was the brand of the veggie bacon? I rewound it but I still couldn’t catch what the brand was, just that it was veggie bacon

  16. I need to try that chick pea salad sandwich! I love tuna salad but I am really concerned about the mercury levels in tuna!

  17. You should do a video on healthy lunches to pack for work like if you can’t heat anything up at work

  18. Loved the video of course! I just think when you do the taste tests the camera should be on a tripod, it looks a little shaky and is kind of distracting. But otherwise this video was amazing and can't wait to try all of the recipes!

  19. Nikki I have a question… In America do you always toast your bread for you sandwiches because I'm from England and if we make a sandwich we don't toast it like bread and toast are different things. You get me😂😂 I really wanna try the spicy veggie Blt thooo💗💗

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